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Using jQueryUI Framework With Bootstrap Template

jQueryUI is not naturally intended to be in a Bootstrap Template. However, we include it completely for implementing two things. First, supporting sortable and moving of bootstrap card option and, Second, implementing third-party plugins that depends on it, like jquery Fancytree and jQuery FullCalendar plugins. So the demo pages for them depend on jQueryUI.

We should include jQueryUI library before bootstrap one, So for this reason we included it before bootstrap in ./src/main/webapp/assets/dist/js/javatmp-plugins-all.min.js during gulp’s task generate-dist.

As we said before if you are not interested in this feature you can remove jQueryUI library in gulpfile.js file and then re-generate dist folder again using gulp generate-dist command.

We included jQuery UI Touch Punch plugin jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js after jQueryUI which provides a small hack that enables the use of touch events on sites using the jQuery UI user interface library.

The following demo page show the implementation of Bootstrap card resorting in separate page:  Sortable Cards using JqueryUI sortable Plugin JavaTMP Demo Page.

The following demo page show the implementation of jQuery Fancytree plugin Plain Fancytree Plugin JavaTMP Demo Page.

Removing jQueryUI library from JavaTMP Tempate

You could remove jQueryUI if you don’t want to use sorting card by doing the following steps: