JavaTMP Bootstrap Template Documentation Index

Preparing Template for Bootstrap customization

Backup JavaTMP project and apply the following steps before continuing:

Updating $primary variable

Updating $primary variable or "primary" key value will automatically update the $theme-colors(“primary”) which will update the following components: .alert-primary, .badge-primary, .btn-primary, .btn-outline-primary, .list-group-item-primary, .table-primary, .bg-primary, .bg-gradient-primary, .border-primary, .text-primary.

Introducing new $theme-colors entry

At the same way adding new entry to the $theme-colors map will automatically generate all above components for that key. for example the following customization add new entry to $theme-colors and keep everything else same:

So, at the same way you can update all Bootstrap or JavaTMP Theme Colors or introduce a new set of different keys with their new components.