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JavaTMP-Static-Ajax Project Version

./JavaTMP/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax Folder

JavaTMP-Static-Ajax consists of combined resources of general static bootstrap LTR/RTL admin and dashboard components template. Our online starter demo deploys and host this version of JavaTMP. It is a Netbeans IDE 8.2 project, so you can directly import and open it there. JavaTMP-Static-Ajax project is intended to start your custom project from. It contains tested curated set of front-end resources and combined to simplify your development.

The following tree is a high level folder structures of our JavaTMP-Static-Ajax web application with its description and usage:

+---node_modules (Node.js's NPM local dependencies Folders)
+---nbproject (Netbeans IDE config folders and files)
+---web (Web Application Context Root Folder)
    |---index.html (Main LTR HTML Page references Front-end Libraries from assets/dist folder)
    |---index-rtl.html (Main RTL HTML Page references Front-end Libraries from assets/dist folder)
    +---assets (Combined front-end resources and specific Template JS,CSS,fonts, and images folders and files)
    +---pages (AJAX HTML Pages referenced from index.html sidebar menu)

./JavaTMP/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax/.gitignore file

We stored our templates in a private github repository so we add .gitignore file to exclude mainly ./node_modules and ./nbproject/private/ folders from versioning. 

./JavaTMP/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax/.gulpfile.js file

This is a gulp’s configuration file. The main important gulp tasks are generate-dist which copy resources from node_module folder and combine them after compiling and minimizing them and put theme in appropriate folders in ./web/assets/dist/*. The gulp and its configuration file .gulpfile.js is described in details in page Managing Front-end dependencies Using Node.js And Gulp which copy all components defined in config object from ./node_modules to ./web/components

./JavaTMP/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax/.eslintrc file

ESLint plugin configuration file which contains directive and parameters to gulp-eslint gulp plugin. the following external links provide more information about the those configuration: Configuring ESLintA sample .eslintrc fileA starter .eslintrc file.

./JavaTMP/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax/package.json file

A Node.js’s NPM meta file. This file holds various metadata relevant to the project. This file is used to give information to npm that allows it to handle the project’s dependencies. 

./JavaTMP/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax/node_modules folder

This folder is automatically generated by NPM to store a local copy of dependency libraries needed in your project when you invoke the command npm install. NPM depends on pakcage.json file to know which plugins and libraries need to be installed in this folder.

./JavaTMP/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax/nbproject folder

The nbproject folder contains all the netbeans metadata about our project. We include ./nbproject, but not ./nbproject/private. This folder is usually not required and If you were to check out our project using a different IDE, you would not require our nbproject directory. In other words: This directory is Netbeans IDE specific, not project specific.

./JavaTMP/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax/web folder

It is a web application context root folder contains everything related to static behavior of the template like Javascript, CSS, font, images, and HTML files. The following is a high level folder structures of ./JavaTMP/JavaTMP-Static-Ajax/web folder with its description and usage:

|---index.html (Main HTML Page references Front-end Libraries from assets/dist folder)
+---assets (Specific Template JS,CSS,fonts, and images folders and files)
    +---data (static json files used for ajax demos)
    +---dist (Combined and concatenated front-end resources described above in gulp task generate-dist)
    +---img (demo images and avatars used as a demo purposes)
    +---src (source JS/SASS files)
        +---fonts (binary fonts files moved to assets/dist through generate-dist gulp task above)
        +---js-src (Source Javascript folder)
        +---sass (all source SASS files with bootstrap themes and template files)
+---pages (AJAX HTML snippets for template pages)

Important Notes

./JavaTMP/ file

It is our online demo version of JavaTMP-Static-Ajax project. we provide it without any modification and we were deploying our online demo from this file. We generated it using the following special gulp’s tasks:

gulp.src('./JavaTMP-Static-Ajax/web/**/*', {dot: true})
gulp.src(['./online-static-demo/**/*.html'], {dot: true})
        .pipe(htmlmin({collapseWhitespace: true, minifyCSS: true, minifyJS: true, removeComments: true}))
gulp.src(['./online-static-demo/**/*'], {dot: true})
        .pipe(chmod(0o644, true))