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Custom JavaTMP Bootstrap Themes and Skins

The Main JavaTMP SASS file ./web/assets/src/sass/main.scss includes ./node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap to apply its style to Bootstrap and all plugins and layouts. However, Because we use SASS as a css preprocessor in our templates and to support same Bootstrap style and theme for own parts and plugins of the JavaTMP templates we should use one of these options:

We chose option two and imported Bootstrap SASS files from ./node_modules/bootstrap/scss to take advantage of variables, maps, mixins, and use its variables in our styling and theme, which gives us flexibility to override default bootstrap themes without touching original files and help us quickly apply third party SASS themes and customization built for Bootstrap as we will see soon.

Bootstrap SASS

As described in the theming Bootstrap documentation, We avoid modifying Bootstrap’s core files. For Sass, that means creating our own stylesheet that imports Bootstrap so you can modify and extend it. The following file structure for our JavaTMP-App-Starter project provides you the relative files for Bootstrap and main SASS files:

├── web
    └── assets
        ├── dist
        └── src
            └── sass
                ├── common
                    └── variables.scss
                ├── partials
                ├── plugins
                ├── themes
                    └── javatmp-default.scss
                └── main.scss
            └── sass-rtl
                ├── common
                    └── variables.scss
                ├── partials-rtl
                ├── plugins-rtl
                ├── themes-rtl
                    └── javatmp-default-rtl.scss
                └── main-rtl.scss
└── node_modules/
    └── bootstrap
        ├── js
        └── scss

In our variables.scss and main.scss files, we’ll import Bootstrap’s source Sass files and pick the parts we need. and because variables.scss file are shared by all other SASS files we put in it the required Bootstrap files Only:

// Include Required parts of Bootstrap
@import "../../../../../node_modules/bootstrap/scss/functions";
@import "../../../../../node_modules/bootstrap/scss/variables";
@import "../../../../../node_modules/bootstrap/scss/mixins";

And in the main.scss we could put the remaining imports but for simplicity we include main bootstrap theme file:

Include original Bootstrap SCSS file
@import "../../../../../node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap";

Make sure to run gulp’task generate-dist or default after any change on the sass or js files.

SASS Files Map for customizations

You could directly apply your style changes on:

Customize template by standard third-party Bootstrap themes

In this section we show you some examples of how you could customize JavaTMP-App-Starter by utilizing third-party Bootstrap themes from many sources:


Bootswatch site provides a lot of free themes for Bootstrap 4 that are easy to install and customize, And we support all of their themes in our templates. Kindly see the following folders for more details:

Bootstrap Magic

Bootstrap Magic is an online Bootstrap SASS editor help you create your Bootstrap 4.0 themes easily which provides you a live preview, live HTML coding to help you create your Bootstrap 4.0 theme directly in your browser. So you could design and apply your modifications and then save variables sass file and import it to JavaTMP projects using one of the above methods.